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Firmware Solutions Inc.

Professional Firmware and Software Consultants


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Our Team

We are a small group of engineering professionals with extensive experience in embedded software development, Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, and control system modeling and analysis using Matlab and Simulink.

Whether you need a turnkey embedded system with an associated GUI, or simply a little help for your current developers, we are eager to help.


Firmware Experience


Custom firmware development for ARM9, ARM Cortex, PowerPC, 68K, 8051, 51XA, PIC, and other Micro-Controllers.


GPS and other Navigation and Avionics System Interfacing including radar, laser, and barometric altimeters.

Iridium Satellite data links, including custom server applications.


Device driver development, including flash, SD card, LCD display, UARTs, A/D, DAC, SPI, I2C, USB, CAN, ARINC429, TPU, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and motor control drivers.



GUI Experience


Development of intuitive Graphical User Interfaces to manage Micro-Controller systems, Data Acquisition/Recording, Process Control, GPS/Navigation, GIS Mapping, Cryogenic Control, Database Management ,System Communications, and Remote Control.


Developing specialized PC based software in Visual C++ (MFC), to configure, communicate, control, track in real-time, and analyze data from all types of electronic devices and systems.

Customized data acquisition systems (high speed/1000+ channels)



Analysis and Simulations Experience


Component controls/performance analysis and simulation on mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and thermal systems. 


Flight dynamic analysis for tactical missiles, launch vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, strategic decoys, torpedoes, and undersea vehicles.


GPS and Inertial Navigation analysis/simulation and development including Kalman filter development.


Motion stabilization analysis for tactical missile seekers and towed sonar arrays.


Control actuation systems for fin control and thrust vector control for missile systems, pressure flow and temperature controls for aircraft and ship board bleed air systems.


What We Do

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Development of an award-winning self-guided parafoil system that uses GPS to deliver payloads accurately and autonomously.


Development of an Iridium Satellite Communications product for worldwide tracking of valuable cargo.


Development of an Automated Test Stand for high-performance valves and actuators.


Development of a novel weather balloon system that forecasts balloon trajectories using available government weather data, and then automatically manuevers the balloon to the optimum altitude to take advantage of the available winds.







  • Code Reviews/Audits

  • Design Reviews 

  • Feasibility Studies 

  • Component Selection 

  • System Architecture 

  • Technology Roadmaps 

  • Build Verifications/Configuration Management 

  • Software Licensing Implementation and Management

  • Monte Carlo Simulations 

  • Project Management

Training Courses

  • Coding in C for maintainability and re-use
  • Firmware development best practices
  • Developing Firmware for: ARM9, ARM-Cortex, 8051 (Silicon Labs), Power-PC


Sometimes it is more valuable to turn down work than to accept it. If our team does not have a good fit of experience, capabilities, or time to meet your project requirements, we will assist you in finding other sources of technical help. 


We also do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, so if you come to us with a design challenge, and we know of something already on the market that will meet your needs, we will steer you in that direction.